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Younger buyers don’t want to drive a car that ruins our planet anymore. They want to protect the environment, to keep the air fresh and planet safe for future years and the new 2017 BMW i8, the first car made with that vision, allows them that. Made for the 100th anniversary of the famous German manufacturer, this car is a symbol of future steps of the popular factory.


2017 BMW i8 side

2017 BMW i8 side

It really doesn’t matter what the new 2017 BMW i8 looks like if we don’t mention it is luxury and recognizable style which grace this car for almost 100 years. Its unique design is fulfilled with technology and a touch of sporty design now made to represent the power as a main feature of the engine. It’s lower and lighter car with thin chassis made of fiber and aluminum which visually prove the feeling of lighting. The body is designed futuristically with laser headlights and other details in that way. Most of them are at the front of the car toward making the first impression for the watchers. Below the sporty bumpers are lights with butterfly grille characteristic for BMW cars but especially robust and aggressive. The car has two butterfly doors, big wheels and big and effective suspensions together with the sharp back area and sporty taillights.


2017 BMW i8 interior

2017 BMW i8 interior

The cabin has completely different design and devices than any other automobile from this manufacturer. The large touch screen has some special ads in order to provide important information and data, and besides the leading steering wheel is all modern and futuristic innovation from last years. Some of them are cellular phone connection, USB port, wireless Bluetooth, wi-fi, 4G internet and more. The whole cabin gives the impression of comfort with a touch of sporty and young feeling. Adjustable seats are covered with thin luxury leather in different sizes with all reliable airbags toward safety and stability on the road.


2017 BMW i8 engine

2017 BMW i8 engine

The new 2016 BMW i8 is equipped with 2.0-liter turbo engine four-cylinder with 320 horsepower and an electric motor with 204 pound-feet of torque. There is one more option with a 3.0-liter engine with 480 horsepower and 109 horsepower in the additional electric engine and both serves 500 horsepower with a time of increasing speed up to 60 mph for only 3.5 seconds. Who said that the hybrid is slow and poor? With these engines comes a nine-speed dual clutch system.

2017 BMW i8 Price

Even you are a young buyer with awareness on environmental protection or just want to try the hybrid in your hands, the price of 2016 BMW i8 is starting from $135,000 which they announced on the Detroit Car Show.

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