2017 Honda Accord Concept and Specs

2017 Honda Accord featured

It’s been a almost 40 years since Honda introduced first Accord model. Since then, it become one of the most populous sedans. 2017 model will is expected to be released at the end of 2016.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Honda Accord price

2017 Honda Accord price

When it comes to exterior design of 2017 Honda Accord, most of the changes were performed in terms of improving its aerodynamics features. This vehicle will preserve aggressive, but in the same time elegant appearance. The front fascia will suffer most significant alterations, beginning with the reshaped hood that will most probably be made of lightweight material, probably aluminum. Redesigned grille will have a lace-like pattern. The base model of 2017 Honda Accord will have newly shaped headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights and tail lights which will all be equipped with LED lamps. Active ACL lamps will also be included with aim to improve visibility through night drive. Only upper level trims will have optional bi-xenon lights and the aluminum reflector lights for better visibility while driving on sunset. Although the overall dimensions of Honda Accord will remain unchanged, this model will have 19 inches alloy wheels.

2017 Honda Accord interior

2017 Honda Accord interior

There won’t be many changes in terms of design of the cabin in 2017 Honda Accord. The main new feature, comparing to previous models, will be foldable seats, which will lead to increase of the payload capacity. There will be an eight inches touch screen with features compatible with Android Auto Smartphone and the Apple CarPlay incorporation systems. As of safety features, we might expect electronic camera, lane departure warning, cruise control, blind spot monitoring system and forward collision warning system, to name some of the few.


2017 Honda Accord engine

2017 Honda Accord engine

Honda representatives haven’t released any information about powertrain that is going to be incorporated in new 2017 Honda Accent. Therefore, we will share with you presumptions based on rumors that have been spreading all over the Internet. Most likely 2017 Honda Accent will be powered with a petrol-based 2.4 liter I-VTEC engine. This engine will be a four cylinder with direct injection. Its capacity is estimated to 190 hp. most probably it will be paired with an eight-speed DCT (double-clutch computerized) transmission. Recently, a word spread that the other engine option might be a V6, but we have to wait for Honda officials to confirm such information.

2017 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

So far there were no official confirmation about release date or price range of the new 2017 Honda Accent. Nevertheless, we might assume that this 2017 model will be available on the market in the last quarter of 2016, although some pestimistic assumptions suggest that it might happen in the early 2017. So far we expect fo the price to range between $27,000 and $35,000.

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