2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept

This interesting concept has been made first of all for the special event the Easter Jeep Safari, where the Jeep lover and fanatics had the chance to meet i drive exclusive trails and trucks. This massive vehicle has a quite long past in which made a lot of transforms. It is interesting that the Jeep Quicksand Concept started as a Wrangler Jeep with two doors, beside this the wheelbase has been changed, the suspension and the engines has some changes as well.

Exterior and Interior

The concept has and old style Moon tank placed between frame rails. So on, there is also a throw – back flair what is remonds us on the Wrangler YJ from the 1990s. Als there are glass headlights and chrome trim too. As we mentioned, a lot of elements of the concept reminds us on the Wrangler, the grille is also one of that element. The car has massive tires, at the front 32 inches and 37 inches at the rear.

The inside part is so retro. The seats comes as a low – back bucket. Also we can find some gauges, and a large shifter for the transmission. Actually, the whole inside part is modificated to reminds us on the 1955. Some parts are removed and replaced with oldy retro but stylish device for example old – school units, center speedometer, there are a lot of toggle switches for a lot of things. Seats are from leather in red colour, higlighting also the retro oldy style. The roof is opened, but spanned by chromed bars. The whole inside cocnept despit to retro feeling, so stylish and atractive.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood there has been some changes to. The old engine is replaced by an 392 cubic Hemi V-8 crate engine, what gets the air and fuel mixture. It has a long – tube headers what goes exactly behind the front tires. The transmission is an interesting part, that is an Gegtrag six – speed manual transmission. Also it still has a two – speed transfer case which result energy in case of need.

2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept Release Date and Price

Have to admit this is an extraordinary off – road vehicle but still the 2017 Jeep Quicksand Concept is not intended for production and a market sale. Unfortunatelly. But for those one who cant soothe his hunger, maybe can choose some of the wrangler models to satisfy the adventure excitment.

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