2017 Lincoln Navigator

Knowing that Lincoln Navigator has the same looks and performances for past eight year, it’s expected to see something new, like the 2017 Lincoln Navigator, on the markets which will surprise the customers and give them the best performances and drastic changes in all segments.


2017 Lincoln Navigator grille

Maybe the best changes in this car are a lightweight aluminum body. This model will change his platform, but he will follow the Navigator 150 platform updated with the new platform looks with new steel frame and aluminum body panels in the car which lose even 700 pounds in weight. Something similar happened in the new Ford’s truck which is updated almost every year, so it’s expected to see the same in the new Lincoln Navigator truck as well.


2017 Lincoln Navigator interior

It seems that 2016 Lincoln Navigator will be the luxury car, which is expected from the Lincoln brand. When you see all performances they give, you’ll agree with us. There will be the premium Bose 11 speaker sound system while getting cooled down by the three zone climate control, sitting on the premium leather seats with heating and cooling options and easy, nice and functional Sync 3 infotainment system. The new model will have more space for the passengers, leg room in both seats rows and cargo room which are one of the biggest in its class.

2016 Lincoln Navigator Engine

Knowing that the new Ford dropped the old V8 engine, it’s easy to see the new engine in this 2016 Lincoln Navigator, too. It’ll probably be the 3, 6 liter Ecoboost V6 with more power and torque than V8 and needs less space under the hood. That model will come with better fuel efficiency performances, because of a new twin-turbocharged engine and maybe because of 700-pound weight less than previous models together with new aluminum body construction. It will be the new model with even ten-speed automatic transmission, which is also one of the knowing Lincoln’s customers in new models for the next year.


The only competition of this model are popular models like Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which have better sale than Navigator, but this model will have the best performances than previous models. 2016 Lincoln Navigator will be the luxury model with great upgrading than before. The price is also a subject of competition, and it’s hard to expect fewer prices than $56,000 and knowing that the previous edition 2015 Navigator cost around $64,000 we can expect even higher price than this.

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