2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept – Geneva

Seeing a car from Mercedes is nothing unusual at Geneva Auto Show, so 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept is something which was not surprised us at all. But, this time, it is a new car with new design, obviously made to be a competitor with main favorites from this class, mostly with Porsche. That is a way how we can describe the design of this Mercedes, similar to the Porsche, but still recognizable as other cars from this manufacturer. There are many novelties under the hood; at least according to the information we had by now.


Being a competitor to the popular models in same class, 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept simply has to be amazing and modern designed. The front end is most aggressive we saw in Mercedes by now, with wide gridded front mesh and trapezoidal front lights. Below them are two large air intakes and a thin line at the bottom of the front end. From the grille all over the hood are visible small lines. The side of the car is flat and simple as well as the roof. But, rear end is something special and surely will be a sign of recognition in the future. It is rounded with very thin lights, a large electric connection in the middle of the rear end and practically nothing more than that. Very tight truck door with an also thin bulge on the top of it is something which makes this model close to Porsche.


Having a hybrid engine is possibly the only thing which is known on 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept by now. It is possible to the be the 4.0-liter V8 engine and electric motor, capable of producing 800 horsepower of strength and sending it to the rear wheels. Even though official tests have not been done by now their engineers claim that the car will reach the speed of 60 mph for less than three seconds. That is more than good for a car which attempts to be a four-door sedan with the looking of the Porsche. It is interesting that new technology allows to the engine to control the speed and strength sent to the every of the rear wheel, and placing the engine at the rear end surely helps in producing more horsepower and better speed. Aerodynamic shape is obviously not just for showing off but also has greater benefits.

2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept Conclusion and Release Date

We still cannot say when 2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept will be found in showrooms, but many rumors confirm that we should not be able to see it on the streets before 2019, it is still just a concept version.

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