2017 Pontiac GTO Judge – Rumor, or Custom Build?

The newly rumored muscle car from the great Pontiac is possibly going to hit the market sometimes in 2017 and it is hugely announced on numerous websites, even the biggest ones, although for now, as a rumor only. The new Pontiac, if it is ever going to become a commercial vehicle, is probably going to carry an interesting name: Judge.
First Pontiac Judge was released in 1968 and it was manufactured until 1972 as a low-price model, with pretty much affordable price aimed for anyone. The total number of 58,126 units were sold. Its successor will be probably manufactured in a small company in the USA by the name 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge. The same company was building Pontiac Firebird for its loyal customers.

Rumor has it the new Pontiac GTO will be produced in 150 to 200 units only. This will mean only one thing: the price will be little different than with its predecessor, Pontiac Judge from 1969. Rumored price is therefore hitting the $160,000 barrier already. If we put two and two together, we will come to the fact that every single unit will be sold in an instant, as there are many people wishing the new Pontiac GTO.


When we look the new Pontiac, we cannot oversee the fact it reminds on the previous Chevy Camaro and the latest Pontiac Firebird. It’s a two-door car, capable of becoming the American Muscle Car in the blink of an eye. The hood is already set to be made with massive air intakes from both top sides and the grille is designed to make draft under the hood. This is a cleaver engineering move to keep massive engine cool by all means. The chassis on top the rear wheels is lifted a bit, to have the air pointed to the central of the trunk and keep the car aerodynamic as much as it is possible. Of course, the alloy wheels and alloy details on the grille, door handles and mirrors are probably going to be included in the standard trim option, as there will be only up to 200 units made and every single one of them will be made with perfection.


2017 Pontiac GTO Judge will represent the new massive interior to the class it belongs to. Wide leather seats with nice back support come to the fore when this car is driven like it’s meant to be. Nice, big arm rest between the seats can contain a certain amount of gadgets as it is very much deep and wide. The hand brake stick is positioned on the right place and this is considered great in fast and muscle cars. The gear stick is little and with short stroke. Interior is made mostly in three colors, leather upholstery is made in one color (mainly red) and interior plastic in two colors – black and gray. The material is made in high quality only, as Pontiac will not allow any other case. The leather steering wheel is big and holds a Pontiac logo on the center of it.

2017 Pontiac GTO Judge Engine

As this is only the rumor for now, engine options are not yet known. Although it is still unknown, we can assume it will fit a 6.8-liter or a 7.0-liter engine which will generate some 450 horsepower and little over 500 lb-ft of torque. This is fantastic and it should provide all the necessary strength to the wheels. There are some other rumors, though… The supercharger kit will be available in the stores right after the release of the 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge, which will boost the engine to over 650 horsepower. What about that!

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