2017 Subaru XV Teaser Image – Ahead 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Even though nothing is clear with the 2017 Subaru XV, there are some photos shown just for teasing our imagination and prove that Subaru is still a car manufacturer which is not to be trifled with. Photos are dark and show only shadows and lines of the car, with a clue how the lights and lines suppose to look like, but photos are enough to force us to imagine the new car on the road, the part of the new line of the similar cars called Crosstreck in the US.


Photos of the new 2017 Subaru XV do not allow us to see much, but thanks to the shadows and visible roof and hood line, together with the wheels and bumpers, we have a clue how it actually looks like. It is actually similar to the previous generation of the Crosstreck, like five-door Impreza and there will not be many changes, as the photos allow us to see. We also can say that lines are cleaner and car is slightly different shaped, with the new wheel, that is for sure, but there are no much changes from that. There will also be a pair of unique sidebars and a new bumper with the headlights and that is, together with the bigger height of the car supposed to be those details which push classic and conventional wagon more to the SUV.

2017 Subaru XV Engine

Many things support the claiming that Subaru XV will have a hybrid engine, at least for the models prepared for the other parts of the world (or at least Australia will), while the US will still get the same petrol models. Four-cylinder engine, paired with the continuously-variable transmission is something expected in the models in this car range, and optional all-wheel driving system supposes to support the claim that it will be prepared for the off-road usage as well as city driving. We know that you want to know if there will be different trim versions, like WRX or STI, but that information is still locked for us.


If we know the numbers of sold Crosstreck in 2016, where more than 10,000 have been sold first year and in the first month between 6,000 and 8,000, it is obvious that manufacturer will not lose this chance to offer a new, similar but improved, model on next Geneva Car Show. We should be patient and wait to see what they have prepared for us.

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