2017 Tesla Model X

During the 2015 has been introduced the prototype of 2017 Tesla Model X crossover, as a third all-electrical model after the Roadster and the Model S sedan. This model with space for seven passengers and double size of Tesla’s current, Roadster (who lost his federal safety exemption in US and no longer being sold in the US), promises the real family-friendly electrical model.


2017 Tesla Model X

When we look in the recent teaser image, we will see something similar as Model S but vertically stretched. Everything else is similar as in previous model – grille, headlights, taillights and general contours. Everything looks like the real sedan. There will be fancy doors prepared for the family usage; they appear ready to interfere with the loading of children. Tesla named his flightless doors after a bird, which is the best explanation of the looks of this car. But, that name is possible thanks to the clever engineer – hinges just above the window allow each door to fold as it swings up, that keep them close to the car in tight spaces.


2017 Tesla Model X interior
The inside of 2017 Tesla Model X is in a way the same as in previous model, Tesla Model S. The dashboards are nearly identical, but with 17-inch central touch screen and reconfigurable gauge cluster. But, there are two key differences – a set of rear “falcon-wing” doors and a forward-facing third row of seats. That is different from the model S which back row has a pair of rear-facing jump seats accessed through the hatch. According to Tesla engineers, this pair of upward-swinging doors eases ingress and egress both the second and third rows.

2017 Tesla Model X Batteries

The platform is the similar to the S model, but model S is rear-drive-only, and X model can be outfitted with a crossover-necessary all-wheel drive. Drive configuration mirrors with a single, rear-mounted electric motor driving the rear wheels are standard. Front mounted motor powers the front axle on all-wheel-drive models. Like the S sedan model, this is also a sporty car, all-wheel drive only and the speed from 0 to 60 mph will reach for five second or less. There will be two battery capacities – a 60 kWh pack which is standard and available 85 kWh model. It’s expected that 2017 Tesla Model X will be heavier and less aerodynamic than the S model. Knowing that and the fact that additional electric motor on all-wheel-drive models is lower-capacity than previous version, we surely can say that the 2017 Tesla Model X will have shorter driving range than the previous model S. The model S with 60 kWh batteries can travel up to 230 miles on a single charge, and 300 with the 85 kWh units and this X model will have even lower-capacity 40 kWh batteries of just 160 miles of driving.
2017 Tesla Model X review


The price of the 2017 Tesla Model X is not announced yet, but after the basic price of the previous version of $49,900 it’s hard to expect lower price than that. First delivering of X model is expected at the end of 2015 or at the start of 2016.

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