2018 Dodge Dakota Specs and Review

One of the most anticipated mid-size cars with a strong efficacy and impressive payload capacity is the 2018 Dodge Dakota. The initial renowned mid-size pick-up truck in the industry is the RAM 1500. Here is a compressive preview of the 2018 Dodge Dakota, including the engine specs, exterior and interior design, price and expected release date. Check it out.

Engine specs

The absence of satisfactory details concerning this auto has made it difficult for people to predict its engine specs. However, according to some reliable sources, it is expected to be a v-6 4 cylinder engine with adequate fuel economy.

According to the available information, the Powertrain is predicted to convey a smoother ride and incredible efficiency. For this upcoming model, fuel intake is expected to be somewhat lower than its prototypes with expected rate of 30mpg. Also, odds are that there will be more engine options for the 2018 Dodge model.

Interior specs

2018 Dodge Dakota interior

2018 Dodge Dakota interior

The upcoming car’s interior design is stylish and functional. According to the information at hand, its design is intended to go in line with the modern auto demands. Included in the cabin is an extensive assortment of fun and active business equipment. Its seats will be customizable, and the car will be designed with supportive and comfortable structures.

The car’s interior is made of high quality materials, which will help enhance its inclusive performance. The car’s interior space (both passenger and cargo space) will be elevated with better structures to make it appear bigger. However, the hauling capabilities remain unchanged. The standard features in its interior encompass the following:
– Ventilating system
– Digital LCD display
– Thermometer
– Compass
– Air conditioning unit
– CD player and many others.

Exterior specs

2018 Dodge Dakota featured

The 2018 Dodge Dakota’s exterior design will be in view of the L200. It will just be presented as a Crew-Cab with four full size entryways and a medium to short bed which is essentially excellent. A report from the reliable sources also indicates that the 2018 Dodge Dakota’s look will take that of its predecessor. However, another front grille will be added to the new upcoming model. The overall design will typically be inspired by the design of RAM. The main competitors are: 2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, 2019 Nissan Frontier, 2019 Ford Ranger, 2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel.

2018 Dodge Dakota Price and release date

The 2018 Dodge Dakota’s release date is unfortunately far away. While the L200 has been declared for release during the beginning of 2018, the 2018 Dodge Dakota is expected to hit the markets toward the end of 2017 or mid-2017, giving Chrysler sample time to adjust their auto to the US market. Its value is expected to be somewhere in the region of $40,000 to $60,000. Let us wait and see as more details unfold.

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