2018 Dodge Journey Redesign

It is expected to see 2018 Dodge Journey as a combination of old and recognizable design with new details and features, being a combination of both – well known mid-size crossover and a new vehicle in the 10th generation of crossovers from this manufacturer. Looking at this car, we can confirm that Detroit Car Show has not disappointed. There were only good and trustworthy machines.


A big and robust outside of this car is prettier with the large front end and a little lower end of the front bumper. Making this model, Dodge has gone a little further with the design and platform model, taking a Compact Wide US platform instead of usual Mercedes one. It seems that manufacturer has not experimented with the modern details and design, leaving only familiar details outside the car. So, if you look the new 2018 Dodge Journey Redesign from the side, you will see one of the crossovers, with the upper rear end and maybe too cubic and sharp edges.


However, it is obvious that 2018 Dodge Journey has not been made for those who enjoy in long driving alone. It is more likely made for families with children, according to their comfortable and adjustable seats and a wide third row of seats. At the front of the driver’s eyes is a small but functional touchscreen with all important buttons. Some spy photos confirmed leather on the seats and perhaps luxury fabric on the floor, but the looking of the cabin is not known yet. One of the things which will surely be very attractive for large families is very large storage space, with 1047 liters in the third and second rows.


As we may expect, having a wider and larger wheelbase, 2018 Dodge Journey has to be strong and fast for all purposes. Even it is still not clear, experts say that Dodge will most likely come with 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine 175 horsepower, but that is not all. Higher trim versions will have stronger, 3.0 liter V6 engine with 180 horsepower paired with 6-speed automatic transmission. However, we do not expect anything stronger than this, because manufacturer obviously planned large space and easy usage for eight passengers more than the fast engine.

2018 Dodge Journey Redesign Price

As manufacturer has promised, 2018 Dodge Journey will replace the old Durango for the very favorable price for crossover of only $22,000. For this price, buyers will also get a minivan for the whole family.

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