2018 Honda Pilot Redesign and Specs

Honda Pilot is one of the most popular SUV with impressive performance and 2018 Honda Pilot seems ready to take this mantle forward. Not much has been confirmed about its specifications but a lot of rumours and speculations are doing the rounds. According to these early reports, only a modest amount of changes may be expected in the biggest SUV by Honda as the line itself is so very fresh. There could be a few minor tweaks and definite performance improvement. Here is a look at all the information we have till now.


2018 Honda Pilot presents a sturdy and sporty look where the new front grille with three chrome-plated crossbars adds a dash of masculinity. A matching set of LED headlights, taillights in the rear and sharper lines will present a bolder look. This is in keeping with the overall design theme that wants to present a cohesive symbol to the consumers. The overall dimensions are expected to either remain the same or increase a bit to accommodate larger interiors. At 194.4 in (4940 mm) length, 78.5 in (1996 mm) width and 69.8 in (1773 mm) height, it shall remain the biggest crossover offered by Honda. The ground clearance is expected to remain modest at just about 185 mm.


It remains a luxurious eight-seater, covered in Plush soft leather, featuring comfortable ergonomics and modern gadgetry. Multifunction & heated steering wheel, digital speedometer, 4.2 inch onboard computer and top-notch infotainment with optional satellite navigation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB are just some of the expected goodies. The seats are spread over 3 rows where the 3rd row can be folded to create more cabin space. Front row seats are ventilated while heating is available for second row of seats too. A ceiling 9-inch TV is also being offered as an option. Ample thought has been put into comfort and practicality existing side by side.

Engine and Performance

2018 Honda Pilot is keeping its secrets close to its chest when it comes to its engine and performance specifications. Considering the current model, we can expect a 3.5 Liter V6 with 280 hp output and 262 lb-ft of torque in North American market. This can come bundled with 6-speed standard or 9-speed automatic transmission optional or standard. For those hoping for an all-wheel drive layout, it certainly remains an option along with front-wheel drive only option. Other markets can expect a 3-Liter V6 Engine with 250 hp output bundled with 6-speed automatic and all-wheel drive layout. Rumour mills are also hinting at a hybrid powertrain but this particular version is specifically found only in speculations sections so we will need to wait and watch for it.

2018 Honda Pilot Price and Release Date

Keeping in mind that the earlier models have not been sold below $31,000 mark, it is expected that 2018 Pilot will also start from at least $32,000 for standard version, thereafter rising among higher trims. While no official release date has yet been declared, it is expected to be available in dealerships by end of 2017 or early 2018 at most .
2018 Honda Pilot seems ready to carry forward the flag of success as the early reports and speculations show an elegant, sporty, spacious, comfortable and technologically advanced crossover in the making. It will remain to be one of the most popular crossovers as well as among the first choice for family wagons.

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