2018 Kia GT Concept – 2017 Detroit Auto Show

2018 Kia GT Concept is among the most awaited models. The South Korean manufacturer confirmed at that new model is already in its production phase. Many people have been wondering what the upcoming model will bring into the market once it is launched officially when that times comes. If the speculations around are anything we can go by, then the new model will come with a platform 2018 Kia GT Concept. The new model will be grouped under the sedans of mid size once it has been unveiled some time later.

Competition 2018 Kia GT Concept will compete with some of the leading models on the market including the following:
•1=1Audi AS Sportback
•DBMW 3 Series GT
•DInfinity Q50
•OMercedes-Benz CLS
•DBMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
•DJaguar XE
•D Infinity Q50

The old contenders list will include models such as Chevrolet SS, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300C just to mention a few of them. If the prices are going to be set right as per the rumors doing round in media houses it is likely to increase the fan despite the high level of competition that it will face upon hitting the marketing.


The automobile has already undergone rigorous testing on the roads. One of the things we noted about the model is the high profile of disguise. The stinger is going to present car lovers with a sleek profile, which will definitely add the glamour to the coupe. The rear of the automobile is made in the Cammack style while the front fender is pronounced. The vehicle boasts of four doors, exclusive C-pillar conduct and athletic body that will make many fans to fall in love with it even more. The rear of the car resembles an A7 because of the protruding tips brought about by the quad exhaust. However, you will not have a reason to bother yourself if you are going to compare the other features provided on the automobile.

When it comes to the interior, the car is spacious enough to take care of your traveling needs in the long run.

Engine and performance

The model is expected to present a v-6 twin Turbo, 3.3 Liter Power train engine upon its inception. The rear wheel drive will come with 4 hybrid engine in order to boost on the performance of the same. The second option of engine expected on this automobile is the 2.0 liter with the Atkinson cycle motor.

2018 Kia GT Concept Price and Release Date

The vehicle will hit the market in 2017 as a 2018 model and it will cost from $35,000 to $43,000 as per 2018 Kia GT. But there is possibility that it will come as 2019 model.

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