2018 Land Rover Evoque – Welcome New Engine

If you like small crossovers, 2018 Land Rover Evoque should be a great choice for you. As many popular manufacturers, like Toyota and Ford, are among the best in class, with large and amazingly strong trucks, the market of small cars are always showed lack of models. There simply were not acceptable small crosses for those types of buyers. However, the change is not only in term of design. Evoque has a special Ingenium four-in-line engine, which will be used in other models, like Land Rover Sport or Recovery, all from the same manufacturer. All of these should be enough to improve the speed and acceleration time, making this crossover acceptably fast.


Being the smallest among crossovers from this manufacturer, 2018 Land Rover Evoque is an interesting and cute truck, with modern details and attractive shape. There are no significant shapes and lines, but only a few curves and lines, mostly to emphasize modernly designed crossover. The rounded front end has mesh grille above the metallic line and wide bumper with protection on the bottom so the car is capable of driving on every type of terrain. There are thin LED front lights above the hood line. The higher rear end has also rounded shape, with modernly designed rear lights and thin spoiler above the rear window. There is wide plastic protection on the bottom of the rear end.

The car has an interesting shape, defined by the lowered rear end and sloped roof, so windows are shortened on half. However, that does not change the massiveness of the crossover, supported by highly positioned chassis. Otherwise, there are flat doors and sides, with only small dented lines over the middle of the doors.


We are not sure in the design of 2018 Land Rover Evoque, but we expect high luxury in the cabin as in other models. As the manufacturer announced sports trim version, there are high chances that cabin in that model will have special sporty seats, with special commands and equipment.


Changing in the engine is the biggest in 2018 Land Rover Evoque since the manufacturer has changed it to be faster. As part of Ingenium engines, the engine in this truck is 2.0-liter four-cylinder one with 240 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. It is expected that European market could get both diesel and petrol version, while the US will come only with petrol unit. This engine will be paired with the eight-speed automatic transmission, and there should not be surprises.

2018 Land Rover Evoque Release Date and Price

There is no official information about the price of 2018 Land Rover Evoque, but we expect the high price as for any other models from this manufacturer.

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