2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV – Name for new SUV

The name 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV may sounds familiar, and you will not be wrong. This is an old name which Mitsubishi used in the past and now they decided to bring back a name which makes them popular among the sports car fans. However, this time it is not truly sports car and as the thing goes, they will go further in making the SUV class of the cars, with modern features under the famous name. As we will see on 2017 Geneva Car Show a new SUV sports car market is opening and we are honored with the opportunity to see a new car line birth.


First photos show that 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV looks like a compact sports car. You will notice some level of similarity with the Outland compact as well as with the mid-size Outlander. That is a reason why is it marked with the official name Eclipse Cross which will be introduced as the name of next Geneva show. Many features also show belonging to a series XR-PHEV concept vehicles already shown on previous car shows. However, sharpen front end with the very thin and sharp LED front lights, incorporated in hood-line and thin layers of the front grille are surely the first recognizable sign of this model. Two trapezoidal air intakes below them are a simple sign of perfectionism of the designers and a great eye for details. All lights are rounded in chrome. There are large tires well incorporated in a compact and, perhaps not expected in Mitsubishi cars, flat truck and rear end. The roof is slightly lower at the end and finishes in just a little upper spoiler. Rear lights follow the same idea seen on the front end, with still less sharp lines and edges.


Note: Mitsubishi Outlander interior shown here.

There are no clear photos of the inside of 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV by now, so we can just imagine how it will look like inside. There will have to be found more equipment than on classic sports car, bearing in mind that SUV models have to be prepared for family driving, too.


A prototype which announced the starting of the whole new series of the cars in Mitsubishi had a 3.0-liter V6 engine with optional electric addition and paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. That model also had a special All Wheel Power system which is capable of stopping wheels separately during the driving as the additional safety package. This is all a prediction, and speculation it is not confirmed yet, and top speed speculate: ” This model will probably get the same 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter engines found in the Outlander Sport”. Even though there is no information which engine will drive 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV, there are chances that they will put this, or some new engine version in it.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse SUV Price and Release Date

There are still no official information about Release Date and Price, we hope you did not expected, it is just too early to know anything yet precise. That said, there are one spaculation from Top Speed that we find most intresting yet, and they say that new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse will cost araund $21,500.
When official info get out, we will update our post.

Conclusion and Competitors

Finally, this fifth generation of the known vehicle now waits for the new buyers and to reach a glory. That will not be easy, after the previous four generations; with anthological second one remembered from the movie Fast and Furious. We still have to wait for other information about this car.
The competitors will include the Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage.

(Image Source: Top Speed)

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