2018 Mitsubishi SUV – All New Crossover

The new baby from Mitsubishi a brand new 2018 Mitsubishi SUV shows the plans and expectations in the years to come. As the first spy photos showed and those are not truly spy photos, since the manufacturer has driven the car trough the city crowd with only a thin layer of the protection, we can conclude that Mitsubishi has been watching other SUV manufacturer and tried to improve design and impression of his new vehicle. A Twitter account under the name @hotaka_ltd made those first photos of this car which can help us to explain how the design in Mitsubishi will go in the years to come. Making of this car, however, means saying goodbye to the Lancer and possibly cooperation with the Honda.


If you know how Outlander looks like, you will know what to expect from 2018 Mitsubishi SUV that is for sure. The new car shows that Mitsubishi has stopped with the making of sedans and mid-size crossovers and continued with large SUV vehicles, but according to many details, it still will be a compact crossover, more than classic SUV. Looking at the photos we can conclude that Mitsubishi actually kept the similar size as Outlander, slightly shorter than Outlander Sport, and that size and look we should keep in the head in mentioning the new Mitsubishi SUV. The rumors also said that manufacturer should call this car Eclipse, which is mostly known as the name for sedans, but also stops with the habits of giving the bunch of signs and numbers instead of names for the cars from Mitsubishi.


As many details are still not known, we cannot confirm that the inside of the 2018 Mitsubishi SUV will look like the inside of the Outlander or Honda CR-V. We can expect generously-sized infotainment system and quality touchscreen paired with it as on any other model from this manufacturer, and younger drivers will be happy to see Android Car and AppleCar Play, which will be found in many new cars made for the season 2018.


It is expected from the Mitsubishi to put something like the turbocharged four-cylinder engine in 2018 Mitsubishi SUV, perhaps 2.4-liter with around 165 horsepower. It is something between strong and aggressive SUV, but still calm and elegant as many other from Mitsubishi by now.


Many things prove that 2018 Mitsubishi SUV is the successor of the Mitsubishi exConcept, shown in 2016, but if we want to see how is this model actually made, we should wait for 2017 Geneva Car Show in March.

(Image Source: carmagazine.co.uk)

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