2018 Suzuki Equator – New Refreshed Truck From Suzuki

2018 Suzuki Equator is one of those long waited changes in recognizable design and engine solution. Even though something like it has already been released on US market in 2009, it was withdrawn very quickly due to the bankruptcy of the manufacturer and poor selling. After the decade of waiting, it is time to see what the manufacturer prepared for us in term of the engine, but also design, knowing how interesting truck market is nowadays.


As we said, the main competition for 2018 Suzuki Equator should be large trucks with modern design. First photos of this model show the same goals. Large and robust front end with horizontal grille cover, in the same color as the car is fulfilled with impressive logo in the middle of it. Front end lights are simple, formed to be integrated into front end design. Above them is large bumper with protection for hard roads, with simple rounded fog lights at the ends of them. Other features are not much changed from the old models, including large cargo with the maybe too small truck, but enough for serious truck drivers. The whole look is fulfilled with massive wheels and wide tires.


Knowing that 2018 Suzuki Equator will be offered in different sizes, as Crew Cab or Extended Cab it is expected to see changes from the last model when there was no enough space for five passengers, even the manufacturer claimed that it will be. The cabin is much wider and comfort now, protected from noises and heavy roads. That is also provided with comfortable seats and protective parts. Suzuki has never saved money for rich infotainment and entertainment system, as well as luxury and expensive fabrics and other materials, so we should expect the same this time.


The new 2018 Suzuki Equator should take the same engine option as the previous car generations, which will be 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 158 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque. Paired with a five-speed manual and automatic transmission, this engine should be connected with rear wheels and possible all-wheel driving system. But, do not worry, there will be offered bigger 4.0-liter engine with 261 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque, perfectly for drivers who like strong cars and fast driving.

2018 Suzuki Equator Release Date and Price

After the models from the last years, the expected price for 2018 Suzuki Equator should be around $20,000 and the new information will be released on Geneva Car Show in March.

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