2019 BMW i8 Roadster Spotted Testing

If we were not sure in the design of 2019 BMW i8 Roadster, especially after the last photos of coupe version, new photos and information give clear information. The new version of the car is expected to be more futuristic designed, with whole new look of the front and rear end, additions on the truck door, sides of the car and especially on the roof, and there are some interesting details just to confirm the big plans of the manufacturer for the years to come. After we saw this model we are sure that many novelties expect us in future.


As we said, some details could be seen on the coupe version, although 2019 BMW i8 Roadster is changed in important things. The first impression starts from the roof line, curved in deep furrows, still easy for removing by hands. Sharp front end with thin lights below rounded hood line represents sporty look and design of the car, while only two gridded grilles remind on classic BMW front end style. The rear end is much more curved, with LED line over it and chubby bumper, with protection on the bottom. The side of the car is also curved, with visible lines and dents.


Although the manufacturer has not shared exactly look and design of the cabin in 2019 BMW i8 Roadster, we saw luxury leather and well-shaped seats on spy photos, since manufacturer bravely drove the car with a downed roof. Knowing the manufacturer’s last models and the style of the cars, we expect only the best in term of equipment and technology inside of the cabin. All other things will be known at the end of the year or even at beginning of 2018 when the model will be shown on auto shows.


As the opposite of the cabin design, the manufacturer has generously shared engine strength and descriptions, so we are sure that 2019 BMW i8 Roadster will have a 1.5-liter 3-inline petrol engine, paired with an electric motor in the base model. Do not be fooled the small size of it, the manufacturer has promised 362 horsepower and even 420 pound-feet of torque in it. The planned transmission should be 6-speed automatic one.

2019 BMW i8 Roadster Release Date and Price

As the 2019 model, 2019 BMW i8 Roadster should be shown on auto shows during 2018, with all details and information about the engine and additional equipment. Base model should cost around $144,395 , but be prepared for the even higher price than that for higher trims.

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