2019 BMW M9

It seems that the year 2019 will definitely be full of surprises and great news for all the fans of high-performance cars. The rumors about the new BMW M9 have becoming louder lately, and it appears that this sports beast is really on its way to the market. However, this eagerly awaited powerful machine should be expected only as a 2019 model.


The exterior design of the 2019 BMW M9 will be the creation of the Radion Design Studio. This agency should be thanked for all the innovative, futuristic and edgy features that this model will get. We could say that the design of the new M9 can definitely be described as a revolutionary and unique. It appears aggressive and extravagant, especially in the front fascia. There, you will notice a long and lowered nose with an improved aerodynamic design that will significantly benefit the total performance of this model. Also, there will be mean-looking LED headlights deeply inserted into the sides of the hood. In the lower part of the massive front bumper, there is a recognizable twin-kidney grille while at the bottom you will spot two large air intakes. In the back part of the vehicle, there are modern L-shaped LED headlights and down below, at the bottom of the rear bumper there will be dual exhaust pipes. Besides the improved aerodynamics, the chassis of the new M9 will be made of lightweight materials which will additionally benefit the acceleration and performance.


The 2019 BMW M9 is expected to be a two-seater. But, don’t worry. You will get enough headroom and legroom for you and your passenger. Also, the seats will have to be comfortable and supportive, probably covered in top-quality leather. The leather and other high-quality materials such as wood and aluminum will furnish the modern cabin of the new M9. The steering wheel will also be leather-wrapped and multifunctional. You can expect a large LCD touch screen with the latest infotainment system and options such as navigation, audio system, satellite radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Safety features such as airbags, ABS, forward collision warning, parking sensors, lane-departure warning and a rearview camera will also be included.


The engine hidden under the hood of the 2019 BMW M9 has still been a mystery, but it will probably be either V8 or V12. One of the speculated versions would come with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 that combined with an electric motor could deliver between 600 and 650 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. A real beast, we have told you so. It is also expected that the top speed of the new M9 should be 320 mph. None of these rumors have been confirmed yet, but we definitely expect much from a model like this.

2019 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

The release date is far away right now and it should not be talked about. If the new BMW sees the light of the day, it will be as a 2019 model. The estimated price range goes from $300,000 to $500,000.

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