2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda Civic is slightly redesigned model from the last year version, with only a few changes in design. The reason is obvious, Civic was completely redesigned 2016 and the manufacturer was obviously satisfied with the current look of the model. However, we should expect huge change under the hood, where should be placed new hybrid engine. That will actually be a big change from the last model since Civic has never been a hybrid vehicle.


As we said, 2019 Honda Civic comes on the market as almost the same as last year model, with only a few changes in design. Even though there are many things that they could be done with this vehicle, most of them have unexplainably missed. At first glance, there is the same shape of the front end with similar wide air intake on the bottom of front bumper and thing grille above it with thin lights on the sides of the bumper, perfectly incorporated in hood line. The rear end is also simple and the same as on the previous model with a thin spoiler on the top of the truck door and slightly changed lights.


Buyers who bought last year model claimed on the slow and sometimes literally unresponsive touchscreen which make use of it very difficult. It is highly expected that 2019 Honda Civic will have improved touchscreen and commands, to change it. When it comes to the design of the cabin, there are no many changes, since last year model had dark grey leather on the seats and dashboard, with large space between rows for more comfort.


Engines offered with 2019 Honda Civic as optional are also the same as on previous model. base model should get 2.0-liter petrol engine with 158 horsepower. Higher trims obviously get stronger and powerful engines, like 1.5-liter turbo engine with 174 to 180 horsepower. There are two special trims, like S version with a 1.5-liter petrol engine with 205 horsepower and R version with 2.0-liter with 306 horsepower. For us is very interesting announced hybrid engine, which could be a combination of 2.0-liter petrol engine and an electric motor that both produce 170 horsepower. Good news is that Civic remains all great equipment for safety and better driving control.

2019 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

When it finally comes to the market, and that should be at fall, 2019 Honda Civic will cost $20,000 without equipment and additions, but that price could go over $34,000. The price, together with great equipment, hybrid engine, and acceptable design should help to the model to be more competitive with models like Mazda 3, Kia Forte, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, and Nissan Sentra.

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