2019 Land Rover Evoque

2019 Land Rover Evoque is the second generation of famous small SUV made in large families of trucks. First test driving at snow in Lapland showed all great performances of the car together with modern design, although covered with thick protection.


2019 Land Rover Evoque is slightly changed from the last model, including changed LED front lights on the side of the rounded bumper. There are gridded grille and large air intakes on the sides. The rear end is closer to current Range Rover, with large brake lights and rounded shape of the truck. With wide spoiler on the top of the rear window, the sloped shape of the car provides the look closest to crossovers.


There are no many changes inside of 2019 Land Rover Evoque that significantly distinguish this model from the last version. There are visible changes in the design of dashboard, with slightly redesigned seats and cabin parts, but it is still a luxury cabin wrapped in white leather. There are three screens in the cabin, all three control functions in the cabin and outside of it, so everything about this car is controlled by buttons on those screens. It is also visibly larger and more comfortable cabin, with enlarged cargo space with many interesting details. Someone could recognize this cabin as the similar to highly modern and luxury cabin in Velar.


Those who drove 2019 Land Rover Evoque say that it has almost the same performances and handling as the previous model, even though there are no many changes in that field. The engine in this car is 2.0-liter Ingenium four-cylinder engine in petrol and diesel version. Petrol engine produces 137 horsepower and 237 pound-feet of torque, while the diesel one has the strength of 237 horsepower and 296 pound-feet of torque. There is planned a hybrid engine, too, with the 48V electrical system, but this version is still not available. It should be offered later, after launching of the model. There is very important Land Rover’s Terrain Response Control system, a special type of cruise control that allows adjusting to all types of terrains.

2019 Land Rover Evoque Release Date and Price

Releasing date of 2019 Land Rover Evoque is expected at the end of 2018, but selling starts at the beginning of 2019. It is also currently available a “Landmark” version in Europe, as some kind of test model for this truck. However, when the official version is on the market, base price should be around $40,000, but with equipment that price grows to more than $50,000.

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