2019 Toyota GT86 – Next-generation

2019 Toyota GT86 should be called Toyobaru as the sign of cooperation of these two great manufacturers Toyota and Subaru. They have decided to make a car which will combine the best features of both and which will fill the hole on the market where have been 2+2 coupes with the rear-wheel driving system. Even though similar model like this has been made in Mazda as its famous model Mazda MX-5 Miata, this time we expect more horses under the hood, faster vehicle and perhaps better design, thus manufacturers usually have not planned to be as attractive as other small cars are.


It is hard to precisely say which details from both cars will be used in 2019 Toyota GT86 as the manufacturer has two more years to improve the model. However, it is highly expected that this new model will be similar to Subaru BRZ model, with some improvements and changes, as the new Subaru and Toyota have been made in their current models for this year. That means lifting up the rear end, new lights and sporty spoiler to provide stability on fast driving. Some photos of prototypes from the both manufacturers show that they will go on the classic coupe design, escaping the convertible model, since those models are not much interesting for buyers nowadays.



We know that the most interesting thing on this 2019 Toyota GT86 should be the engine, as the manufacturer has not explained which of the engines will use in future models. It is more likely that it will be a hybrid, but with new models of batteries, Toyota is currently improving. As possibly mild-hybrid engine model, GT86 is not leaving room for petrol direct injection version as they have on the current model even though Subaru already announced that they will continue with the making of these types of engines. Time will say which side will win and put their engine under the hood of this car. Finally, we expect that this car will have much better fuel economy, but it will be much faster and stronger than its younger brothers from Toyota and Subaru. Many experts claim that this car will never have an acceleration time as similar cars have, but we expect improvements in that term, too.

2019 Toyota GT86 Release Date and Price

Although 2019 Toyota GT86 has not been made yet, it already had received criticisms about its size and power. As experts claim, it will be smaller and weaker than coupes on market. The excuses from the manufacturer that the car will have smaller price thanks to that are simply not acceptable.

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