Alpine Sports Car – 2017 Geneva motor show

Nobody can say for sure how the new Alpine Sports Car will look like until Geneva Motor Show, but Michael Van Den Sande, the managing of the Alpine Cars said that they have prepared the completely new car for the market with never seen details in the car in this car range. If we know that they have made aluminum chassis and new lights with improvement cabin, we wait for next Car Show with great excitement.


After 2012, when the last news from the Alpine and Caterham,Alpine Sports Car is supposed to be the new car from this manufacturer, already announced in 2016. We actually do not have anything more than concept car shown then, and if this model is at least close to that one (and there is no reason for not) we should expect the same level of luxury and elegance, with modern details in perfectly shaped chassis. Cat-like lights are incorporated in same shaped hood cover, with interesting built-in two fog lights between them. The rear end has interesting center exhaust, as the substitution for dual exhaust on the previous model. The rear end is also shaped like an egg, with impressive spoiler and incorporated taillights.


There is no available information about the inside of the Alpine Sports Car as well, but we can predict the high level of luxury and comfort, with the modern high-tech system. Alpine has never been a car for comfortable long driving, but driver and passengers will surely not be deprived for luxury traveling and enjoying in speed driving.


Speaking of the speed driving, Alpine Sports Car is a synonym for it. Alpine has confirmed that they will built-in a special engine model, four-cylinder petrol engine with 250 horsepower. It will be capable of increasing the speed of 60mph for only 4.2 seconds. But, the engine strength and other features have not been enough for the highest performances of the engine. As the Van Den Sande said, it is and engines above its weight and possibilities but it also reaches its maximum for the best results. Placing the engine in the middle of the car with lightweight chassis surely helped in this plans for making a sports car with perfectly used engine performances.

Conclusion and Price

Many things we will know after the March and Car Show in Geneva when the Alpine Sports Car will be shown, but manufacturer gave us information more about the possible future price of the car. It supposed to be around $55,000.

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