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If almost finished Detroit Car Show has shown something amazing, it is a completely new concept of luxury SUV cars, starting with the Audi Q8 Concept. We used to see Audi as the manufacturer who loves to beat a competition, but after you see a front end of the new Audi, you may feel as they will literally eat them. Even the size is not much different from the previous Q7, the completely new design and brand new look will blow away the competition, at least in the SUV vehicles market.


When light blue SUV has shown in Detroit, everyone knew that something special is happening in front of their eyes. It was not expected to see such a big car as Audi Q8 Concept with the amazing front end but so curved and almost broken on the side doors. It appears as gentle, curve line in the middle of the side of the car, starting from the front door and ending at the end of the back door. As we said, the car is nothing bigger than the last model as the matter of fact it is for 0.3 inches shorter than Quattro model, which is, as the manufacturer claimed, a standard for this car. Even the front end promises an animal with very wide and large, latticed grill, the side, and especially rear end look like the old models from 80’s. A big and sharp edge separates the up and down rear end.


However, if you have been fooled with the maybe a little old fashioned design from the outside, the inside of the car will not disappoint you. Everything shows that Audi Q8 Concept is a luxury, modern and futuristic car with high-tech equipment, leather seats and wide and comfort light cabin. You may be disappointed with the smaller size of the cabin, thanks to the slightly lower roof and surely smaller cargo space for 16 cubic less than on BMW X6, Audi major competitor. However, mouse-like table at your fingertips, large touchscreen, completely redesigned dashboard and the new interface will be the right reason to choose this car for your next tourney.

Engine and Performance

As we said, this large front end must hide large machine under it and we were right. Audi Q8 Concept has 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged engine with 333 horses and 134 pounds of feet paired with 8-speed automatic transmission. The manufacturer relies on a hybrid version with 443 horsepower and 516 pounds of feet, which will reach a magical speed of 60 mph for only 5.4 seconds. It is a great number for SUV, and surely one of the numbers which will put the competition on the test.

Audi Q8 Concept Hybrid SUV Price

We know that you can’t wait for the price of the Audi Q8 Concept. If you loved Audi Q7 version, then be prepared for the price for at least $5000 over that model and some experts said that it could go over $10000 more than price for Audi Q7. We should wait for the end of 2017 for all information.

[Image Source: caranddriver ]

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