Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP – 2017 Geneva Motor Show

With Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP starts an era of traditional cars unknown to wide population – that is our first conclusion. Even though many people has no clue which car manufacturer stands behind this name and what possibly we can expect from them, it is very old and popular brand, with many models seen outside the Denmark, where this interesting car is made. So, before imagining the new model from this factory, inform yourself about the old models, colors, and designs and you will be able to understand what they actually offer in the new model described here.


This 10 years old model decided to show everything good it has, covered with amazing color, made and protected in a factory in Denmark. That color is called Fjord Blue and represents the traditional landscape in the country the origin of this car. However, that is not only which Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP offers in outside design. This color is fulfilled with copper lines on the roof and hood, separating the side of the car from the middle of it. Between those lines is black color in a triangle which goes from the end of the roof to the end of the hood. Copper lines are not just painted; they are really made of the copper so that greatly increases the cost of the car. But, color is not only great thing in this car, though. The car has an amazingly long front end, with sharp front lights, curved at the sides with large rhomboidal front mesh. The rear end also represents a strong and modern sporty car, obviously higher than front end with a high spoiler on the truck door.


The model Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP shown in Geneva car show has 5.8-liter twin-supercharged V8 engine with 1, 163 horsepower thanks to the flat-plane crankshaft. The magical speed of 60 mph increases for 2.8 seconds shifting the speed almost like F1 cars. If those numbers sound unreal, remember that two previous models have survived literally a melting in front of the public because of fast speed. The engine is paired with seven-speed automatic transmission and sends speed to rear wheels.

Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP Price and Conclusion

Do not be surprised with the price of at least $1,2 million for Zenvo TS1 GT 250HP because it is the only proper price for the car like this. Only a color with bronze strips costs over than $800,000. However, knowing the engine performances and other features, including special color and details in outside look, they expect fast selling and lot of satisfied buyers.

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