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2017 Apple Car so far is just a concept and a rumor, but if it does make it to production in the next few years, we expect nothing but great things from Apple. Exterior is probably the hardest thing to speculate, but it will definitely be very different, futuristic and easily spotted among other cars. Interior wise, Apple will use all the features as they used for their smart phones and more. We expect Apple to invest a lot of money in electric car project and launch the best of the best, as it has been doing so far with other products.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Apple Car view

2017 Apple Car view

When it comes to exterior, it is highly expected that 2017 Apple Car would have a futuristic and very edgy look. It is safe to say that it would be very light weight, mostly made as a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum maybe. We believe that aerodynamics of this model will be one of the biggest focuses for Apple, making sure that body lines and material make it as fast as possible. Color wise, it’s likely Apple will stay within its standard spectrum, gray, white and black. Interior of this model is probably going to stick to the same material, possibly offering leather seats as well. Technology wise, it will probably be the most advanced car out there. Using all the infotainment features, with wireless charging and LTE connection, this model will take full advantage of technology. Using voice recognition features, it will probably be able to control individual preferences in driving, routes or music choices. Unlocking the door or starting an engine will most likely be done by using voice recognition or smart phone signal. Entertainment and movies are probably going to be provided with a tablet or touch screen for every passenger in the vehicle.

2017 Apple Car interior

2017 Apple Car interior

Engine and Characteristics

There are no engine specifics about 2017 Apple Car, but it is expected to be a hybrid model. Mileage wise, it is expected to beat current concepts (2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV) and go way above 200 miles per charging. There are rumors this model would have a self driving feature as well.

2017 Apple Car on the road

2017 Apple Car on the road

2017 Apple Car Price and Release Date

Even thought Apple Car is just a concept and a rumor, if it does make it to production, it would be expected to be presented by the end of 2016 and produced this year as well. Since there is no official information, price range would probably start around $50,000.

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