2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta featured

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has a great combination of fantastic and aggrieve sporty looks, incredibly high end comfortable interior and provides one of the most powerful engines so far. Taking into consideration how pricy this model is, we expect nothing short of amazing when it comes to this model. Going over 700 horsepower and significantly reducing the body weight really speaks for itself when we talk about driving performance and where Ferrari is ready to take its proud owners.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta side view

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta side view

The exterior of 2017 F12 Berlinetta has been redesigned to the finest detail to increase the aerodynamics and give the best sports looking car so far. Using carbon fiber and aluminum reduced the weight to 1650 kg and increased the speed of the car. Front hood is longer has curvier lines, with a slop downwards, following the lines of the vertical LED headlights that are lifted up on the sides. Front grille is wider, longer and more aggressive. Side doors come with a sharp cut dent that increases the aerodynamics as well. Rear section comes with round taillights and bigger rear bumper that has 4 exhaust pipes. The interior of 2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is covered in leather and aluminum, with a few wooden details. It provides maximum comfort and focus while driving, by having a flat bottom leather steering wheel that controls driving mode and start and stop engine button, and clean instrumental panel. It also comes with huge cargo space, which is not very usual for a 2 passenger sports car. This model comes with a few driving assistant features like Ferrari F1 traction control, parking sensors and reversed camera.

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta interior

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta interior

Engine and Characteristics

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta comes with 6.3 L V12 engine and 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This model would reach 730 horsepower and have a rear wheel drive. Taking into consideration that this model and Ferrari F12 TDF have many similarities, this model should have top speed over 210 mph and acceleration time for 60 mph under 3 seconds. Fuel economy is 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway.

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta engine

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta engine

2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Price and Release Date

There is no official information about the price or release date for this model; it is expected to finally be in production by the end of 2016 with a price of $330,000. This model could be presented at 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

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