2017 Ford Thunderbird Review: Redesign and Changes

Ford’s Thunderbird is a classic American car and icon that was unveiled 60 years ago. The model disappeared for a few years, except for an ill-fated return with the eleventh generation but as it turned out however, the return was worth the wait. The 2017 Ford Thunderbird’s design makes it look like the sibling of the Mustang. Ford has so far released a concept model with not much official information available. Will something be announced around the sixtieth birthday of the Thunderbird on the 22nd October 2017?

Design – Feel like a boss

2017 Ford Thunderbird

2017 Ford Thunderbird

If I had one word to describe the 2017 Ford Thunderbird, I’d use boss’. The Thunderbird looks tough and stylish in a way that combines the sixties with the design trends of the moment. The wheels are 10 or 20-inch alloys and similar to the Mustang; the front grille will be small. The design platform that the Thunderbird is based on is Ford’s T-Bird with a proposed larger wheelbase to improve driving comfort based on Ford’s Taurus. There will be hardtop and convertible models with other enhancements added. The Thunderbird logo is likely to sit on an enlarged C column and will be noticeable to the eye.

2017 Ford Thunderbird interior

2017 Ford Thunderbird interior

Inside the 2017 Ford Thunderbird there is a focus on luxury. A vintage digital display cluster will be in a carbon fibre dash and the upholstery leather. Ford’s My Ford Touch infotainment system will be included with a 10.2-inch LCD screen. The Thunderbird will be a two-door coupe with ergonomic front seats and nook’ rear seats. An upgrade to Recarro seats will be available to owners.

2017 Ford Thunderbird’s Engine – Speculator’s Gold

2017 Ford Thunderbird side

2017 Ford Thunderbird side

Not much is known about the engine yet as no official information is available. The 2017 Ford Thunderbird, to date, has only been released as a concept model by Ford, leaving its enthusiasts forever guessing what it will entail. It has been speculated that the engine will be the AJ-26 4.0L V8 with around 252HP and 267lb-ft (362) torque. The powertrain is said to be Ford’s 5R55N 5-speed auto transmission.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

The 2017 Thunderbird hasn’t had a release date or price announced officially. The car has only been shown as a concept, and no official announcements have come from Ford about specs. I’m thinking that with it being the anniversary of the Thunderbird, we should know more near the 22nd October 2017. The price has been speculated to be in the range of $30,000 to $60,000. Without anything official, the actual cost will remain unknown, even though some can already tell it may certainly be the kind that breaks the bank. Hopefully, Ford makes an announcement soon.

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