2017 Honda HRV Engine Specs and Review

If you had known that future had come early as everybody expected, than you were informed that 2017 Honda HRV is about to come. Well, be sure to stay and read the entire article and catch up with some latest information and details about this brand new model.
Being the new vehicle in Honda’s class, it is based on Honda Fit’s subcompact. However, this model has something new and improved to offer. It’s more spacious than Honda’s Fit with bigger cabin and improved materials, and fine and decent details. 2017 Honda HRV is some kind of a new vehicle between SUV’s, hatchback and compacts – crossover of style and flexibility.
The label HRV has been used for Honda’s two generations of mini SUV’S. The name HR-V stands for “Hi-rider Revolutionary vehicle”.


2017 Honda HRV side

Stunning all around, Honda HRV provides up to 58.8 angle cubic feet of cargo space. Comparing Honda HRV and Honda Fit ,the wheelbase is nearly 3.2 inches longer than Fit, and around 400 pounds heavier than Fit. It is designed to use less energy by using LED brake lights. It consists of 17-inch alloy wheels. It also has heated side mirrors which are produced to reduce fog and ice.


2017 Honda HRV interior

It is the most spacious vehicle in its class. It has more than 100 cubic feet if inner space and offers the ‘Magis seats’ .Those seats are made si that they can fold in a second row and make a lying bed. The interior is also offering the heated front seat, touch screen climate control, as well as 7-inch-touch screen and the leather steering wheel. We need to add that, this vehicle also consists of SmartVent technology, which includes front side airbags. The cabin is improved with push button start, paddle shifters and USB connection.


2017 Honda HRV engine gas 1.5 lifour-cylinder will before other markets, but the USA market has the larger one of 1,8 liter four-cylinder which can produce 141 horsepower and 127 lb-ft torque. This engine helps the HRV to receive 35 mpg highway rating. Transmission is 6-speed manual in front drove LX and EX models. The manual is considered as a loss in fuel economy.
2017 Honda HRV back

2017 Honda HRV Price

Every drive is a safe drive, but as far as we are informed, it is expected that 2017 Honda HRV will cost around $26,720. So stay tuned and prepare yourself
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