2017 Toyota Avensis Release Date

2017 Toyota Avensis featured

2017 Toyota Avensis will truly fit in the description of an elegant and reliable sedan for you and your family. Even though all the specifics of this model are unknown, it will definitely be an upgraded design from the last year model on the inside and outside as well. It is expected to have more aggressive look upfront and more comfortable interior with some extra safety features. Although the changes will not include anything drastic, they will improve the performance and the driving impression of the car.


2017 Toyota Avensis side view

2017 Toyota Avensis side view

The overall look of new 2017 Toyota Avensis is more aggressive and edgy but also more interesting of a broader range of buyers. The front bumper is bigger and the front hood looks longer as well. With those minor changes, It definitely gives an impression of more than just a family car. Fast and bold would fit the description the best. It will also come with LED lights up front. Taillights are wider, longer and placed higher, which enhances the safety and visibility of the car as well. New car could possibly come with new design of wheels with a 16, 17 or 18 inch wheels.


2017 Toyota Avensis inside

2017 Toyota Avensis inside

The first impression of the interior is is elegance and comfort. New Alcantara leather seats with heating option will definitely contribute to comfortable drive. It also comes with a touch screen with numerous options for safe drive and entertainment. It will include navigation, Bluetooth, dual zone automatic air conditioning and crash warning application. The inside design is more sharphy cut and it gives an impression of a divided front part of the car.

Engine/ Characteristics

2017 Toyota Avensis engine

2017 Toyota Avensis engine

It is interesting that there are a few speculations about the potential engine for this model. It is actually predicted there would be 4 options: first and most likely one is 1.6 L petrol engine with 132 horsepower, 1.8 L gas engine with max 146 horsepower, and the last and most powerful one would be 2.0 L fuel engine reaching 153 horsepower. Fuel economy will depend on type of the engine. Predicted acceleration time for reaching 0-60 mph is around 8 seconds. It is safe to say the max speed should stay in the same range or a little more than the previous model, around 125 mph.

2017 Toyota Avensis Price and Release Date

New  Toyota Avensis is expected to make a grand entrance in the fall of 2016 or beginning of 2017. Price will depend on the trim levels, but is expected to range from $17,000 to $25,000.

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