2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid – Prius Prime is our most advanced hybrid yet

There is the information, with supporting photos and explanations, that new, fourth generation of Toyota Prius, will be revealed in 2016 as a 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid model. Prius is one of the most seller electric and eco-minded cars in the US since 2000 but now there is more than one electric car in the US market. Some of them are from most popular car industries, like Chevrolet and Tesla, but Toyota still have what to show and that’ll do with keeping the Prius chic and the forefront of green buyers’ consciences.


For people who drive Prius, there is not much interesting for the style and exterior look. This 2017 Toyota Prius Prime will have a longer wheelbase, be slightly wider and made from aluminum with independent rear suspension – that is now a simpler twist beam in back. The first photos shown in the Taiwan Internet blogs are not quite reliable and we’ve learned that sometimes they are not even true. Those photos have shown a regular 2017 Prius Prime with a mouthy front fascia, slit-like headlights, and a tall, slipped tail. There are also including uniquely styled Prius plug-in hybrid, which looks like Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicle.



If we accept that the new 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid will look like the Toyota Mirai, we can understand how his inside can look in this new model. It can be close to looks of the sporty sedan, with rear-window wiper and still is, in fact, a hatchback. Like in the Mirai, there will be LED taillights, pinched and amorphously contoured LED headlamps and triangular LED running lights which will be used on the car’s face. Prius always offer highly improved materials and a large inductive wireless charging pad for compatible mobile devices, and the cabin will look like airplane’s cockpit which give a feel of more air and space.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Engine

As we expected, the big question is which kind of battery will use new Prius. As some kind of standard offer it is a plug-in version which utilizes a lithium-ion pack. Some knowers also claim that the base model will have nickel-metal-hydride batteries, but that is not for sure yet. It can be optional Li-on pack. The cells will power an electric motor with four-cylinder of 1,8 liter driving the front wheels. That engine will make more than the previous model, around 150 horsepower. Transmission is might be sole version. The speed from 0 to 60 mph will reach with as much fuel engine as they can and all-electric range is expected to increase to at least 20 miles or maybe even 30.

Release Date and Price

The release date for 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid is probably the time of 2015 Los Angeles auto show in November. As a car which is highly competitor to Chevrolet Volt and Ford C-Max is hard to believe that his price will change the started price for the previous model, which is $25,000. This price should be taken with some suspicious before the real information comes from Toyota.

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