2017 Trans Am Super Duty – Limited Edition

We know that you cannot wait to see what we really meant when we said that 2017 Trans Am Super Duty is on the road again. First of all, that is true; the completely new Trans Am is ready to start its new life out of the designers driving boards and factory halls. Known since 1974 when the first model came out, the name Trans Am has always been a synonym for the beauty, speed, and strength. Those things will be present features in the new model, too, but with the touch of luxury and high technology performances. You do not believe? Wait to see what they have prepared.


This is exactly the very first time that some factory use full fiber in making a car, and that means on the whole chassis. 2017 Trans Am Super Duty is completely made of the full carbon fiber, printed on 3D printer and adjusted to the traditional technology. The care has the recognizable shape, with the thin dual front grille, covered with the mesh lines and LED front lights in shape of the lines, not classic lights. Below them are also two gridded air intakes and two holes with the small fog lights. The curved hood has an air intake in the middle. The wide rear end is also modern with lined rear lights and wide spoiler on the top of the truck door. Below the wide rear bumper is dual exhaust. The whole car is aggressive but sporty, with not many details and additions.


The inside of 2017 Trans Am Super Duty has the interesting combination of the luxury and sporty design, so everything must support the feeling of the uniqueness and rareness. Leather seats are in the front of the large dashboard with classic air vents, with the needed buttons and commands. However, the seats are with important parts for relaxing driving and stable sitting on high speeds.


Yes, you read well, the new 2017 Trans Am Super Duty has amazingly 1,000 horsepower of strength. That is allowed by the strong 2.3-liter supercharged engine which produces 1,046 pound-feet of torque together with the 455ci modified LT1 Direct Injection. We still do not know how fast this engine goes, and the other important numbers, but let say that there will not be disappointing.

2017 Trans Am Super Duty Release Date and Price

The official site says that 2017 Trans Am Super Duty will go on sale on May 1, 2017, to the first 50 buyers who take the deposit of $3,000 to the manufacturer. Other 27 units will be delivered during the year, so only chosen ones will be able to own it. (A copy of the Sales and Modification Agreement will be posted for review on Saturday, April 28, 2017. – taken form trans am depot).

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(Image: transamdepot.com)

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