2017 VW ID BUZZ Concept – 2017 Detroit Auto Show

Those who were lucky to be on last Detroit Car Show were being able to see a new hippy era in the car industry with the 2017 VW ID BUZZ concept. Do you know how old Type 2 Microbus looked like? When a bunch of young hippies used to go to the concerts or in nature to spend a couple of days in meditation, they were not interested in anything from outside. But, the buyers of this car will be completely different.


All in this van is made to looks like a previous and famous predecessor from 50’s, but completely redesigned and modern. At first glance, every will recognize which vehicle 2017 VW ID BUZZ concept is, but everything is somehow different than an old minivan. It is rounded, with well-shaped front and ends, LED lights, on 22-inch wheels and with chrome and aluminum matte details. At the front of the vehicle is large VW logo. It looks like small, compact egg, but dimensions show that it is a much larger vehicle.


After you see the outside, you may feel as you came back to the 50’s, but inside of the van will persuade to the contrary. It is modern and high-tech, comfortable and wide van for all types of buyers. The seats are not only adjustable to the height of the passengers, rear seats also swivel 180 degrees, so passengers can look at each other. But, at the front of the driver is high-tech dashboard with touchscreen and nice and futuristic LED lights. The special feature is new steering wheel which is not really car part which we used to see. It is removable touch-pad, with only the necessary commands, because driver supposed to be relaxed in this car with ID pilot driver. Now you can save all information about you and the usually daily tour to the job and relax trough the traffic, the car will do all which is needed. This is a first completely driver-free vehicle on the market. We will add a wood floor, door trim and special fabric knit on the seats just to tease your imagination.


A new generation of the nature lovers needs new engine resolutions. This time it is a new hybrid engine, with an output power of 365 bhp. It will be able to reach the speed of 60 mph for only five seconds.


If you are amazed at the 2017 VW ID BUZZ concept wait to see what are the other models will be in the group in new company MOIA, set to launch in 2020 as part of the company Volkswagen. This company will include this car in their production.

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[Image Source: autoexpress]

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