2018 BMW M6 GT3 Review

The concept of a 2018 BMW M6 GT3 race car are already known after already existed models like Z4 for example, but now is time to see something new in this class of car. It was just a question of the moment when the first prototypes will show up in the markets and we can say that BMW had announced that next year will be the year of brand new GT3 racer car M6 coupe. The only thing we can do is to check what is new and similar with the known models.

2018 BMW M6 GT3 Engine

2018 BMW M6 GT3 models

It’s for sure that the engine for this car will be something special – twin-turbocharged 4, 4 liter V8 which produce 585 horsepower with very high pound-feet of torque. Together with a six-speed sequential transmission in the rear wheel driving for better weight balance is maybe the best performance for rice driving in next year. However, this engine is just a little bit changed than known models in this class, but those changes are crucial for the race driving. Competitors: Toyota Supra.


2018 BMW M6 GT3 back

Aerodynamic body and lightweight materials are expected for a race car such is 2018 BMW M6 GT3. That is done with composite materials which are used to make wind tunnel, for example. The rest of it is welded FIA-approved safety cell, self-supporting steel chassis, and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic crash element at the rear and carbon fiber crash structure at the front. All mentioned are worthily for weight less than 2,866 pounds. There are some changes in the other sizes of this car as well. There is longer wheelbase than Z4 which provides better handling. For reliability, ease of driving and efficiency there are lots of improvement in this car making – maybe the best example is lower running cost, for 30% than on the previous model, which is also best performance for racing car.

2018 BMW M6 GT3 interior


Is there anything more important for the racing car as driver’s safety on the road and in the driving? BMW has taken care for this point, as well. As already mentioned FIA-approved safety cell there are some important improvements for best safety standards like roof hatch specified in the regulations, and driver’s helmet which can be removed if necessary, safety seats etc.

Price and release date

After the showing on the Frankfurt Auto car show, some knowers said that we can expect a showing of this 2018 BMW M6 GT3 in September 2017 in the markets for starting price at $423,570 in the European markets. The price for the US markets hasn’t known, but expects something similar to the price for Europe.

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