2018 Buick Excelle GT – Just a Facelift

The name 2018 Buick Excelle GT is known only for buyers from China, because this is a version currently present only on that market. However, the exterior design, cabin look, and some engine performances are well known and taken from models wide popular in the US and Europe. So, if you take a look at the exterior, you will see that is similar to Buick Verano in the US and Opel Astra and Chevrolet Cruise in Europe. The reason for that is the fact that all of these models are made in GM factory, as well as Excelle, which is made in Singapore section of this famous factory.


Even though there are no many reasons to change existing model, especially in term of design, the manufacturer has decided to do that before the market reminds them on that step. That is why we will not see significant changes on 2018 Buick Excelle GT from the last model, and the car is still on the Delta II platform, which is, let be honest, used on many GM models by now. The only change we could recognize on this model is massive and extended front end with new shaped LED front lights, but that was not clearly visible on test driving, due to thick protection. The rear lights have also been slightly redesigned.


As GM always thinks on drivers and passengers, the cabin in 2018 Buick Excelle GT is much better designed and has many novelties and changes in design. You will see gentle and elegant lines in comfort and a large cabin with interested designed dashboard. Besides new details and perhaps new technology inside, there are no many changes in term of materials used in. However, do not expect high luxury inside of this car, even it is one of the most comfortable in the class.


According to information, we should not expect surprises in term of engine strength and performances. It will be the same 1.5-liter with 113 horsepower paired with six-speed automatic transmission. As this is not quite happily combination there is an option of pairing 1.4-liter turbo engine with seven-speed DCG transmission, but we still have not been informed about that. It seems that 2018 Buick Excelle GT is as the past model, simple and acceptable small car for the middle class.

2018 Buick Excelle GT Release Date and Price

Since the last model has been out of the market for a half year, the new model should be revealed in the second half of the year. The price is not confirmed yet, but it could be close to current one, and it starts from $17,500.

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