2018 Dodge Rampage

2018 Dodge Rampage is one of those trucks that are planned to be used for city driving and for heavy duty. That means that the manufacturer made it be more stylized and elegant that truck usually looks, but kept its robust and heavy look to make this truck capable of work. We are sure that they had many reasons to improve this truck. SUV market today literally demands vehicles for both usages, and manufacturers that have not understand it simply lost their buyers. When it comes to Rampage, it has elegant shape and design, large seven-seat cabin and many improvements in term of equipment. The vehicle is driven by a strong petrol engine.


Design and shape of 2018 Dodge Rampage say that it is a car for city driving as well as for work and heavy load. Looking from the front it has large mesh grille protected with many metallic parts and wide metallic protection on the bottom of the bumper. The lights and fog lights are perfectly incorporated in hood line while the hood has one bump in the middle. The rear end is flat and simple, with modernly designed rear lights and also wide metallic protection. The manufacturer makes entrance much easier with wide skid plates and a simple step below the door.


2018 Dodge Rampage has seven seats with a lot of space for them even in the third row and with the function of dropping of the seats to increase payload space. However, this vehicle has the high quality equipment, including USB ports, a modern infotainment system, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth system, cruise control, navigation system and many other things. The cabin is as perfectly shaped to be used for the heavy load as elegant and comfortable for long distance driving.


2018 Dodge Rampage drives strong 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine with Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement system and strength of 345 horsepower. It comes with five-speed automatic transmission and the front-wheel driving system only. However, there will be possible to see a diesel engine offered together with this one and according to some rumors, maybe even a hybrid one, but we should wait for more information for a while. So far, this engine has fuel economy 15-18 mpg, which is average number for this size truck.

2018 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

We waited for 2018 Dodge Rampage for a long, but now it is on the market with the acceptable price of $30,000 for the base model and many additions and equipment that can be added to that price.

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