2018 Lincoln Mark LT – Luxury Truck on The Road

As the product which gone much over the expectations new 2018 Lincoln Mark LT is a summation of high expectations and very high investments, according to the Ford-Lincoln company. As they said, this is a huge project, with many changes not only from the last models from this manufacturer but from the project as they imagined at first place. The popular brand once again went a step further than other truck manufacturers on the market.


There are no much changes in term of largeness and aggressiveness in new 2018 Lincoln Mark LT. It is almost the same size as models came from this factory before. Buyers expect slightly longer wheelbase and more space for passengers inside. In term of design, there will be some changes, but those are still unknown to us. First photos show trapezoidal front end, with a massive grille and simple squared front and fog lights above them. The whole car is sharper, with more cargo space and impressive 18-inch wheels, which should be larger in higher trim versions.


It is expected to see full Ford infotainment system with Google navigation store connected with the navigation system in 2018 Lincoln Mark LT as always. However, there is no much new information by now about fabrics, dashboard design or steering wheel look. As we know, Ford has improvement dashboard with two screens there, which support all high-technique in the car, but we should wait to see how it will look like. Comfort and safety in driving have never been in question, so we just have to wait for the special additions in this model.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT Engine

If we take all known facts in mind, we can say that 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will have a 5.5-liter V8 engine with 350 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. As the opposite of many other similar trucks on the market, this one will come with the all-wheel driving system and automatic transmission as the only option which buyer can choose, but some rumors confirmed an option with a front wheel drive system for the later models on the market.

Conclusion, Price and Release Date

Since Mexico has noticed high selling in previous ages, especially in truck and SUV market, Ford-Lincoln decided to start with the selling of 2018 Lincoln Mark LT there firstly. However, it will not start until 2018, and that will be for the starting price of at least $35,000. All other information will be known later this year.

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