2018 Lincoln Navigator : Full-Size Luxury SUVs

2018 Lincoln Navigator is a newly designed truck from the famous manufacturer, long expected after changing design last year. Known to the massive and large truck by now, Lincoln has dropped that aggressive look and accepted redesigned one, with more acceptable details and changed edges. It now has a flat front end, new lights and mesh grille, with more rounded edges. Even it is more stylized now, it still has flat roof and truck, to be more robust and spaced inside, as well as open for extra cargo space. Lincoln could not be the famous if it does not have chromatic elegant details, too.


As we said, 2018 Lincoln Navigator has recognizable shape and design but it is redesigned to be more attractive to buyers used on luxury largeness under the soft edges and lines. The front end has squared shape, with a mesh grille, rounded with chromatic line and wide air intake in the bottom of the bumper. Irregularly shaped LED front lights to have slightly shriveled edges, spread on the sides. There are small rounded fog lights below it, too. The rear end is also flat and simple, with modernly designed rear lights and wide bottom below it. However, there are many luxury details made of chrome, with attractively shaped hands on the door.


The cabin is even more modern and futuristic that exterior of 2018 Lincoln Navigator. The simple dashboard has a large touchscreen on the top of it, with center cluster put below the driver’s hand. There is a lot of space for the knees and legs, with commands on doors and steering wheel. In terms of technology, there could be found high expensive devices like Sync 3 used in Fords cars, six USB outputs, Wi-Fi spots and many other things. Design of the cabin is already seen on the concept car but recalls on Explorer, another model from the manufacturer. There are leathered modernly designed seats, perfect for long driving and high class of the passengers.


There is strong 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine, paired with 10-speed automatic transmission should be enough for planned purposes of 2018 Lincoln Navigator. With 450 horsepower it is strong as many other cars from the class and surely go above average trucks in the class. We are not sure if the model will be a rear wheel driving model, as F-150 is, or it will have the all-wheel driving system only.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

The price of the old model was around $73,000, so there are high chances that it could be the same or similar to this model now.

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