2018 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

2018 Pontiac Trans Am

According to the information our team has got recently, great news are coming for all the fans of Pontiac models. It seems that the well-known Trans Am is going to hit the market as a 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird model and make all the fans of these retro muscle cars happy. Besides this great come-back, it is also expected that Pontiac will release its 2018 Firebird.

Let’s make, one thing clear! Pontiac is dead, and it will not make this model, but there is firm Trans am Depot that make this beautiful models. They make 2017 Trans am Bandit Edition, and now they make few new models, and thease pictures and info, are based on them.


When it comes to exterior of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am, we can say that you will be satisfied with this perfect combination of its traditional design and modern features. It will, of course, be inspired by the original 1970s Trans Am, but with all the next-generation updates that the fans have also been expecting. The new Trans Am will also be largely based on the 2018 Firebird and definitely more aggressive and attractive than its predecessor. We have also been informed that the new model will share the platform with the Chevrolet Camaro, as it has already been the case. These two brands have been successfully collaborating over the past years, so this is something that Pontiac should not change. When it comes to front fascia, we can notice that Pontiac will tend to keep its traditional design, but also undergo some remodeling in order to improve its look. This model will get a larger dual grille and repositioned LED headlights. The front bumper will also be slightly redesigned and other changes can be expected in the rear part of the vehicle as well. With its curvy and dynamic lines, this retro but at the same time modern vehicle will be a perfect choice for all the lovers of muscle cars.


There is perhaps a lack of information in terms of interior when we talk about the new 2018 Pontiac Trans Am, but one thing is for sure – the cabin of this muscle car will perfectly match its exterior and combine its elegant design with sporty features. You will find sport bucket seats that will be comfortable and covered in premium leather. The interior will also offer the sense of stability and safety, especially at higher speeds.


One of the possible options that the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am will offer under its hood is a 6.2 liter LT1 direct injection with 2.3 liter Magnuson Supercharger, 602 horsepower and 625 torque. However, this model could reach up to 1000hp and 1046’lb tq if only Pontiac released the 455ci – 7.4 liter, 2.3 liter Magnuson Supercharger. However, this information has not been confirmed yet. When it comes to transmission, it should offer several six-speed manual and automatic options. Here is what we know about 3 new models of Trans am from transamdepot:
Trans am

2018 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird Am Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am is probably expected to happen in July, 2018. The estimated price of the new Outlaw Edition Trans Am and Super Duty, is around $100,000, this includes Camaro donor.

You can order you special Trans am here:


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