2018 Toyota A-Bat Rumors and Specs

2018 Toyota A-Bat has been waited for since the first concept model Toyota showed in 2008. As first concept truck with aerodynamic lines and shapes, interesting rounded rear end and new front end, this vehicle surely attracts attention at first glance. Thanks to those special lines and curves, the car is capable of use in many different situations and for different purposes, which is obviously its main feature. Being a hybrid truck, A-Bat is interesting in terms of engine performances, too, while its longer base and four-foot bed present a perfect large vehicle for a heavy load.


All in 2018 Toyota A-Bat is made to make this car easy for driving and using. That means soft edges, special additions on the rear end and interesting details, which, on the other hand, make the field of view expanded. The curved front end has massive mesh front grille, with irregularly shaped LED front lights. The very short hood is actually the end of the sloped front glass, which improves visibility. Even though the rear end is slightly rounded with soft edges, it is long enough to provide more cargo space, and the truck door is soft and curved, with decorations. Below it is plastic protection with two wide exhausts on the sides of the rear bumper.


The cabin in concept cars is always modern and high-tech designed, but comfortable enough to be accepted from even most demanded buyers. In 2018 Toyota A-Bat the cabin is futuristic, with a steering wheel made of steel, and the steel is visible on the seats and parts of the dashboard. Speaking about the dashboard, it is designed so all devices and commands are spread on the whole dashboard, with a large touchscreen on the both sides of the dashboard, and few buttons in the middle. The cabin is made of lightweight materials, like fiber, in bright yellow color.


The most important thing to say about the engine in 2018 Toyota A-Bat is that it is a hybrid model, with a special type of hybrid engine called Toyota Synergy Drive engine. It is a two-cylinder engine with lower fuel consumption as other engines, but also lower CO2 emissions, which is part of Toyota plans for the future. We still do not know anything about the speed, acceleration time and other performances, but according to the manufacturer, those will not be as important as on other trucks, since A-Bat is made for fuel savings, not fast driving.

2018 Toyota A-Bat Release Date and Price

Buyers have waited for 2018 Toyota A-Bat for a long time, so we are sure that Toyota will release it at the end of the year. Starting price should be around $40,000.

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