2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century shows that, even though Toyota Auto Show always offers futuristic models, there are always some of those classic cars that represent a continuation of tradition with few improves and modernizing in design. Exactly that is what has happened to Century that is slightly redesigned old Century MK2 model, which was a redesigning model of MK1 in the past. So now we have a classic large limousine, similar to Caterham Seven or Langer Rover Defender, but with many futuristic improve and changes. It is also wider, bigger and longer, but also lower, with change the driving experience and has many luxury additions.


2018 Toyota Century is a true luxury and elegant car, which is visible even on its exterior. Painted with seven layers of the paint, with handmade figure and logo on the massive gridded chromatic front grille, the factory can make only four units daily. That increases the price of the car, obviously, but also makes this car as a completely unique handmade pearl. The large and wide car now is weight heavier, mostly thanks to the massive materials used for it, but with lowered entry and keyless entry, too. The squared shape of the car provides more luxury and classical shape of the limousine.


Perhaps the interior of 2018 Toyota Century is most attractive and interesting among luxury cars, so we will pay special attention to the cabin of this car. It is completely made of 100% wool with optional leather or any other fabric that customer demand. Not only that the cabin offers a 20-speaker stereo system and air-controls for rear passengers, but there are a completely useful writing table and a magazine rack, for fully enjoying and pleasure. The seats are lowered with the also lower position of dashboard and commands.


As many Toyota models made in last few years, 2018 Toyota Century will be driven by a hybrid engine, but in combination with strong petrol unit. Even the previous model had V12 engine, the manufacturer this time has decided to put the 5.0-liter V8 engine, paired with an electric engine. There is no information about the engine strength and transmission type, but we expect similar numbers as on past models.

2018 Toyota Century Releae Date and Price

The manufacturer expects that 2018 Toyota Century will be sold in more than 600 units per year, as manufacturer bravely predicts sales growth of more than 20% than on predecessors. Time will say if their expectations were rights, but before that, it is good to say that Toyota is prepared for that selling growth and higher demands, even if it comes from Europe.

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