2018 Toyota GR HV Sports

It was always been interesting to see what Toyota has to offer in years to come, so representing a new 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept is surely very interesting. As far we saw on photos and on specifications, it should be one of those interesting cars that attract attention, but which offers many futuristic features and changing from the old models. Although it is made on known Toyota GT86 platform, it is wider and longer car, with the improved hybrid engine and great exterior design. The engine will get an interesting gearbox and great performances.


Being a sporty Targa car, 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept is as much attractive as any other sporty car, but with many details that separate it from other sports cars on the market. With LED three lines instead of front lights, wide air intake on the front end and short and curved rear end, all covered with matt black color, it will attract attention that is for sure.


As we saw in photos and Toyota Auto Show, 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept car is a small and cute car, with useful, but the small cabin. That means that the interior of the car is more like on small box coupes than on classic sports cars, so it is expected that there will be no much space for taller passengers, but we also expect the best technology for drivers inside of the cabin.


As we said, 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept will completely be driven by a hybrid powertrain, but that is not the end of the list of interesting things about this amazing car. Even though it is made on Toyota’s Hybrid Le Mans Car technology and THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) technology, the redesigned and improved hybrid engine should be more powerful and useful than on current 1.8-liter Prius, in terms of engine economy and performances. According to the manufacturer, this engine should offer more in terms of performances more than any other hybrid powertrain on the market. It could easily reach the strength of 1,000 horsepower. However, the best thing is six-speed manual gearbox that can become an automatic one, only by a button in the cabin.

2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Release Date and Price

Even though the manufacturer announced that 2018 GR HV Sports Concept will be offered as a 2018 model, we should not expect it before the end of 2017 and maybe even later than that. As the matter of fact, even the manufacturer is not convinced if it will be on the market before the end of 2018. Whatever it will be, we are thrilled to see how this model looks like in nature.

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