2018 Toyota Prius Concept and Price

For those who know what the eco-car is, the name Prius is a symbol of the best eco-minded set on wheels and that’s from 2000 when this car started to sell. Even this is his fourth generation; there are lots of competition’s models – like Chevrolet Volt or Tesla Model S which is preparing to steal that place on the markets. New Prius must be as traditional as people already know and more futuristic and pretty for the new buyers as well.


This 2018 Toyota Prius will have a longer wheelbase, a slightly wider with aluminum independent rear suspension. Even some sites showed the new Prius, those are just old Prius with new mouthy front fascia, slit-like headlights and a tall clipped tail and nothing more. The closest to the real new look of this car is Toyota Mirai, without front air intakes. Longer in the base will give him looks more like a sporty sedan, but that still will be a hatchback with rear-window wiper.


As the all ecology car, with important eco equipment, you may expect highly improved materials which have used for interior parts. For technology improvements, there is a large wireless charging pad for compatible mobile devices, and for some knowers, the whole cabin is something like the cockpit on the airplane for more open feel.

2018 Toyota Prius Engine

The type of batteries is like back-and-forth over that type of batteries we can expect from this car. Usually, the plug-in version utilizes a lithium-ion pack as standard, but according to Automotive News, it’s more likely to be nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The electric engine will be four-cylinder 1, 8-liter engine in front wheels driving. This engine will have 134 horsepower and produce 150 pound-feet of torque and sole transmission choice. It’s still not available time for the speeding up to 60mph and the plug-in’s certified all-electric range will increase to at least 20 miles and maybe even 30 miles.

Price and release date

There is information from Toyota that the first model of 2018 Toyota Prius will be seen on Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The price is expected to be like for the previous model around $25,000. The reason why the price is not going despite competition is the big price of gasoline and more popularity of the hybrids engines last couple of years seen on the car markets so don’t expect to buy 2018 Toyota Prius for lower price than any car in this class.

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