2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty

With the name 2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty come perfectly combined classic design with speed and great performances of the engine. For those who know this brand nothing about that is new. As the matter of fact, since the first model has been made in 1975, it has been a symbol of fast driving and dust behind the wheels, no matter how much petrol cost and how much this engine will spend. Now is time to see the recognizable fast car again, this time improved and redesigned, with much better engine performances, but with a touch of old classic design.


Design of 2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty compiles all we know about this car so far but in combination with modern technology in production. That means that you will see the same doubled gridded front grille with almost the same shape of front lights, but this time they are in LED technology and modernly designed to follow market demands. Center of the hood has the same thin air intake as a traditional model. On the rear side, there are also new LED rear lights, with a specially mounted spoiler on truck door and some curved lines to be more attractive and modern. However, the whole car is made of modern materials, like carbon fiber in 3D technology.


As we said about the outside, the cabin of 2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty has also a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. That includes leathered sports seats in two colors (black and red on photos) and a wide and comfortable cabin with a touch of design from 70’s. The traditional dashboard has modern devices and commands, while adjustable seats are perfect for enjoyment and relaxing during long driving. Maybe the most interesting and attractive things are classic air vents which we were able to see only on old cars.


Now, the engine as the most important thing on new 2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty. As we can conclude from the name, it is special proprietorial engineered 455ci DI Motor with 1,000 horsepower and 1,046 pound-feet of torque, hidden in a 2.3-liter petrol engine. This strong engine promises great increasing time and speed, which will be the main question for future buyers. This car will not be bought for slow, long driving but only for speed and races.

2018 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Price and Release

First 50 models of 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty has been sold in May, after the strongly settled auction for serious buyers only. Next 27 models could be sold by the end of the year as 2018 model, and that is it – to enhance the uniqueness manufacturer will not offer any new model after that.

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