2018 Trans am Firebird – 3 new models

Even though 2018 Trans Am Firebird is just one of the many muscle cars represented on New York Auto Show this year, it surely attracts attention. Many of the people who had the luck to see this important happening in car industry must admit that new Dodge Challenger CRT Demon has many reasons to be named as the most important novelty for next year, but Trans Am should be somewhere on the list of interesting novelties, too. The reason could be amazing 1,000 horses under the hood, or new designed shape and design, or let admit it, a new small manufacturer who redesigns old popular models and make completely new ones. Whatever the reason is, new Trans Am will be one of those cars which will be noticed on the streets.


The manufacturer has decided to make 2018 Trans Am Firebird on the fifth generation of Camaro platform, using proven Alpha chassis, with minor changes in size and details. That is the reason why you will notice recognized front grille separated on two, with impressive mesh air intake and LED front daily lights in shape of the letter C. Wide air intake on the bottom of the front bumper looks impressive, together with muscle bumper, slightly lowered from the last model. Muscle aggressive lines are significantly softened, so the car is more attractive and gentle now, with impressive details. The rear end has also plenty of details towards attracting attention. Everybody will notice interesting three lines over the rear end as modern and unique rear lights. The rear bumper is upper than front end and has visible thickening. Thin spoiler over the truck door covers rear lights and whole rear end.


As we noticed in New York, maybe more attention attracted stronger and bigger engine with amazingly 1,000 horsepower and 1,046 pound-feet of torque. With impressive 7.4-liter, the engine in 2018 Trans Am Firebird has the power to be put in the same line with the strongest engines this class has. Do not be surprised with the strength and performances of the engine, it is made together with the NASCAR team in Virginia and surely planned to perform the highest speed and results.

2018 Trans am Firebird Price and Release Date

There are 3 version of new Trans am:
1. Built on the GM Alpha Platform
2. Outlaw Edition Trans Am
3. Super Duty 455
and the price starting at $106,985.
You can order your new Trans am here:

The new Super Duty 455 is out and it was pesented on NY Auto Show. So hurry up and get your model now.


As Tom Warmack, co-founder of 2018 Trans Am Firebird said, the main goal of the factory is to provide muscle and attractive cars, which look like the old traditional model’s people used on, but with strong engines to perform the highest speed. We will see if they made it in years to come.

Image Source: Transam Depot

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