2018 VLF Force 1 Concept and Price

This interesting and a little mysterious car 2018 VLF Force 1 represented at 2017 Dakota Car Show actually hides a long story behind. The owner of famous Fisker Automotive industry, Henrik Fisker gone to Southern California’s Galpin Auto Sports offering them a new Thunderbolt project, already made in its former masters at Aston Martin. After that, thanks to its colleagues Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal, Henrik made first VL Motors concept which we have a chance to get know better.



The new 2018 VLF Force 1 may seem familiar to Dodge Viper or Corvette, and especially the engine has some similarity with those cars. But, in term of outside look, the Force 1 is a unique and original car. It’s curled and multi-undulated hood hides the strong engine and provides better engine usage. The known designers worked on this car, making it original, but still recognizable depending on the designer’s style. That’s the case with Keating’s active suspension and 21 inch wheels, but with similar design as Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin DB10 (did you see the famous 007 movie with this car?), BMW Z8, Jaguar F-Type (mostly with vents at the front), and the Viper’s rear end with swooping hatch lid and side-exit exhausts.



As a new car on the market, 2018 VLF Force 1 has to be well equipped inside with wide high-technology in any parts. The combination of leather and actual suede are on upholstery as a touch of luxury, and some synthetic parts hid from the passengers’ eyes. The manufacturer claims that you’ll be able to put two wine bottles in between the seats, for, let’s say, romantic evening with a special person. Joking aside, the wine bottles can be replaced with the pair of fire bottles if it’s needed. The feeling of luxury and elegance will be fulfilled with the best infotainment and entertainment system on the market.


This remarkable car has one more feature, the best engine in the class – 8.4-liter 10-cylinder with 745 horsepower of strength and 638 pound-feet of torque. The speed of 60 mph is achieved in 3 seconds and it’s top speed is 218  mph. other numbers are not available yet, bearing in mind that it still hasn’t been driven yet, but who cares? With those available data, 2018 VLF Force 1 is amazing enough for the bravest drivers.

2018 VLF Force 1 Price

The manufacturer announced that they will make only 50 models for the price of $258,500 and then will wait for the interests on the market. With this numbers which them luck!

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