2019 BMW i8

2019 BMW i8 is improved and redesigned model that should be a part of green cars group, but also a greatly designed modern car for all futurists and fast car lovers. Firstly seen on Auto Shows in 2013, this model has been changed and redesigned before 2017, when the manufacturer showed it for the first time, and now it is right in front of us as fully equipped with many improvements in term of engine performances.


2019 BMW i8 looks like a coupe but it is a two-seat convertible car. Since this model is slightly redesigned from the last one, there are new lines and decoration on it, all to improve the look of the car but also aerodynamic. It is impressively thin and sharp front end with wide gridded grille and thin LED front lights incorporated in hood line. The rear end is slightly curved with two bulges on the top and small rear window above it. The car is made of lightweight materials, mostly aluminum in 3D printing technology, which also improves the speed and acceleration. Thanks to wide tires the car is easily driven and controlled.


Vehicles made in BMW have always been a symbol of elegance and comfort, so there are no reasons to not be the same this time, too. 2019 BMW i8 has redesigned interior with few interesting combination and design of the cabin, including a great combination of orange and black leather on the seats in Sports trim. However, the leathered dashboard has a large touchscreen and few commands below them only, but improved infotainment system included and very simple guide for every user. There is an improved navigation system, too, iDrive Infotainment system, Connected Drive and 360 Connecting, all known features from BMW.


In order to make a fully emission-free car, 2019 BMW i8 has improved electric engine in combination with the 1.5-liter petrol engine. Both these engines provide the strength of 228 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, and thanks to the front position of the electric unit, besides the rear wheel driving system, it sends more speed to the wheels. According to test driving, it increases the speed of 60 mph for 4.4 seconds. Even the electric unit is improved from the last models, producing 34 Ah (instead of 20 Ah before).

2019 BMW i8 Release Date and Price

As we heard from the manufacturer, the price for 2019 BMW i8 starts from $143,000 and goes to $150,000 with all additions and equipment. With all we saw, new i8 should be the main competitor to Acura NSX Roadster and 2020 Tesla Roadster, both famous cars that are driven by electric engines.

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