2019 Dodge Rampage

2019 Dodge Rampage is a new truck on the market, but despite that, very interesting for buyers used on large robust trucks last few years. The manufacturer has tried something unusual, to make a rough and large machine, but aerodynamically shaped, with many modern decorations and great details to be more attractive to younger buyers. Speaking about the younger buyers, this vehicle should be interesting for families, thanks to the wide cabin, but also for those who want a car just for showing off. However, the strong engine in combination with lightweight materials should be quite enough for new buyers.


Even at first glance, 2019 Dodge Rampage looks like a combination of elegance and robustness that we used to see on large trucks. On the one hand, the car is massive and aggressive, while on the other it has many soft edges and lines usually seen on elegant sedans. The car is made to be more aerodynamic, with a rounded and soft hood over the wide-meshed grille. It should be separated into four parts, like on other Dodge trucks. The rear end is also soft, with modernly designed lights and chromatic decoration.


Besides great equipment that we are always seen in Dodges, 2019 Dodge Rampage cabin is fulfilled with high-quality materials and parts. Soft and comfortable adjustable seats are fulfilled with special polyurethane and then wrapped in dark grey quality fabric. Together with that comes modernly designed and a wide dashboard made in combination with chromatic details and decorated with a large touchscreen on the top of it. The cabin is wide and comfortable, perfectly fitted for five passengers.


When it comes to engine, the manufacturer decided to combine strength and lightweight of the car for the best performances of the engine. The major goal of trucks today is fuel economy, which Rampage achieved. That means that they put 5.7-liter HEMI petrol engine with 345 horsepower of strength in lightweight aluminum chassis. However, there are high chances that the manufacturer will offer a diesel version of this truck, but strength and performances are not known yet.

2019 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

The price of $30,000 for the large truck as 2019 Dodge Rampage always promises great selling of the car, placing this truck among highly demanded cars in the class. However, even though this is the new truck, we still do not know if it will actually be so interesting for spoiled buyers that used on large Toyotas and Fords. Time will say if we were right with our expectations.

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