2019 Ferrari Portofino Reviews

Although we wrote in the title that we will describe new 2019 Ferrari Portofino (Ferrari California T) model, you will not be able to find this model on Auto Shows and catalogs. The reason is moving the production of this model to Italy, where it will be an entry-level model for the old Ferrari cars maker, which caused changing of everything, including the name. This car will be known under the name Portofino, as it has been confirmed on last Frankfurt Auto Show. There are many similarities with the old California T cars, but many novelties, too and both are worthy of mentioning and describing.


The first thing needed to be said about 2019 Ferrari Portofino is that this car is made to be more attractive than old models, as the manufacturer wanted to show how new factory in Italy works. There is still aggressive front end, with a wide air intake in the middle and thin LED lights. Being longer than the rear end, this part of the car looks more attractive as on the previous model, integrating the wider wheelbase better in the shape of the car. The rear end is much better incorporated into the car than before, with modernly designed rear lights and thin spoiler on the truck door.


Like in every California by now, 2019 Ferrari Portofino also has an attractive sporty designed cabin, with leather and quality materials used in there and chromatic details on wheel and dashboard. Two seats have 18-ways power seats 10.2-inch infotainment system and power retractable hardtop. The rear seats are roomy and comfortable, even more than on last models, while the whole cabin has improved and many redesigned details in order to provide an interesting and attractive space for driver and passengers.


2019 Ferrari Portofino offers redesigned and strong V8 petrol engine with amazingly 591 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque, while the top speed of the engine reaches the number of 199 mph. the speed of 60 mph increase for 3.5 seconds. Together with that, new California has improved safety and driving systems, like electronically controlled limited-slip differential, an improved magnetorheological adaptive-damping system, together with an electrically assisted power-steering system.

2019 Ferrari Portofino Release Date and Price

As we said, you will find Ferrari California T in catalogs as 2019 Ferrari Portofino, even though there are many similarities with old California cars. That includes the price, which could be the same as for California T cars $203,000 for the base model. Expect that selling will start at the end of 2018.

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