2019 Pontiac Trans Am – All We Know So Far

2019 Pontiac Trans Am is an interesting and attractive sporty car, made to be part of the collection in sporty cars fans’ garages, but also a very interesting continuation of very popular car line in 70’s. Even though there are few models made with same goals, like SRT Demon, Trans Am is much different than that. However, do not be fooled by its sportiness and maybe a little retro design. Trans Am represents a modern sporty car that should be a part of somebody’s collections since it is made in 50 units only.


Design of 2019 Pontiac Trans Am represents the impression that the manufacturer wanted to be showed with this car. That is the feeling of old times when sporty cars were just sporty cars which are speed but simply designed, with a touch of modernity and attractiveness in order to be more competitive. Trans Am reconciles both with its design. There is retro simple two-rhomboidal grille with rounded front lights and curved hood with an air vent in the middle. The rear end is wide with retro three-line rear lights and wide spoiler on the top. The car also has a removable roof and very low bumpers.


The cabin in 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is a combination of retro and modern sporty design. The seats are wrapped in embedded leather and have many adjustable functions. The modern dashboard has perfectly layout buttons and commands and attractive details. In terms of technology, it is worthy of mentioning new navigation, cruise control together with the improved infotainment system. Even though the cabin looks small and tight that is only the first impression, as the sitting and driving in this car represents very attractive experience.


When it comes to the engine, 2019 Pontiac Trans Am expectedly has the best and the fastest engine in the class. It is 7.4-liter petrol engine which uses special technology – VLT1 V-8 engine with additional Magnuson TVS2300 engine. Thanks to that it produces 1,000 horsepower and 1,046 pound-feet of torque and that makes this engine the strongest in the world.

2019 Pontiac Trans Am Release Date and Price

As we saw, 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is a special sporty car which has many attractive details and surely the best engine that car can have at this moment. If we add to that it collector value (only 50 units are made) the price of $100,000 does not sound too high. The main competitor could be Dodge SRT Demon, but many things and features on Trans Am are way above Demon.

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