2019 Toyota Corolla Spy Photos

Talking about the new 2019 Toyota Corolla must start from the describing the old one, showed in 2014 and still popular among buyers who love this Japanese manufacturer. When that model as an 11th generation has been shown, people loved its new modern design, great features, and engine performances, so Toyota cannot offer anything less than that in a new 12th generation. According to spy photos, Japanese manufacturer will not disappoint old buyers and new ones either. In term of engine strength and capacity, there are some expectations which should be considered, but that information is not clearly known by now. But, first things first.


Image Source: motor1.com

Describing of the 2019 Toyota Corolla actually cannot be detailed, because spy photos made at Corolla test driving show only covered mule version. That means that even we try to describe in the design of this car, could be changed a couple of times before finishing, so we will not spare time for talking about something which is not for sure right now. Thus those photos show something very interesting – new Corolla will be completely redesigned. The platform used for this model is already used on Prius, Camry, and new CR-H and known as Toyota’s TNGA modular design. The main novelty is a lower center of gravity, which provides smoother driving, much more stability, and lower body rigidity, so this car is much better for driving in higher speeds than last models.

Image Source: motor1.com


As we said, there is no much information about the engine in 2019 Toyota Corolla, so we can predict the capacity of it assuming that manufacturer as Toyota is will not go far away of the known and proven engine solutions. There are rumors that it will be offered a hybrid version, which is actually not so unusual for Toyota and there will be completely new transmission option, too. According to the rumors from the factory, there might be offered four inline engine with eight or even ten-speed automatic transmission as the new version of the automatic transmissions on Toyota cars. It should replace currently used six-speed CVT automatic transmissions. Toyota is known for using the same and proven engine parts in all models, so if something is represented as a novelty on one model, there are great chances that are will be offered on any other model, too.

Image Source: motor1.com

2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Conclusion

As we said, 2019 Toyota Corolla is still in the test stage, so many things are not clear, but we can confirm that it will be released somewhere at the end of 2018 or even at beginning of 2019. There are rumors that US market will get hatchback to replace the current Corolla IM.

(Image Source: motor1.com)

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